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Danube Delta
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Jurilovca is a Russian name; in the village itself as well as in some other villages of the Delta and the Dobruja (Carcaliu, Sarichioi, Sfiştofca, Slava Rusă;, Slava Cercheză) the majority of the inhabitants, who call themselves Lipovans, even today use an antiquated form of Russian; they are descendants of those Russian Old Believers, who had been cruelly persecuted in the Tsarist Empire from the middle of the 17th century until 1905 and had fled to the Osmanian Empire, which had been more tolerant towards them, up to today constituting in Romania the independent Russian Orthodox Church of Old Rite of Romania. The largest of the lakes in the Delta, Lacul Razim, reaching from Jurilovca in the South nearly to the Sf. Gheorge branch in the North is bearing the name of Stepan Razin, the leader of the great rebellion of the Old Believers in 1670/71 against the Tsar and the church hierarchy with which he was entangled; after the bloody suppression of the rebellion, Tsar Alexis had him executed on June 6th, 1671, on the Red Square in Moscow. According to a legend among the Lipovans, Stepan Razin is said to have lived for some time in the castle of Heraclea, the ruins of which are rising above Razim Lake near today’s village of Enisala.